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Scotland South 3S Fund

 All you need to know about the Scotland South 3S Fund explained on this page!

The Soroptimist International of Scotland South Region Project fund, now known as the 3S Fund, was set up nearly 30 years ago. The Fund gives grants to people who wish to participate in volunteering either at home or abroad. Many of our recipients are young people who volunteer abroad with a variety of organisations.

What has the 3S Fund achieved so far?

Some statistics as follows:

Since the fund started over £68,000 has been awarded.  197 applicants have volunteered in  51 countries across the world.

Consider how many lives have been changed!  Can we change more lives?

Aim of The 3S Fund:

To support projects which improve the lives of women and girls to achieve their potential in line with the objects of Soroptimist International (SI).

To find out more about SI click here.

Applying to the Fund:

Applications must be supported by one of the clubs in the region.  The application forms and criteria are available below. The volunteering project must benefit women and girls in the local area. Projects are also an opportunity for applicants to develop their skills and life experience.

Who can apply?

Individuals or groups may apply and all applications will be considered by the fund trustees.

Documents relating to the 3S Fund:

The documents relating to the 3S Fund, having been reviewed and agreed at SI SS R AGM on 1.6.2019, are as follows:

3S Fund Handbook:

The 3S Handbook Version 5, uploaded 10.6.19, appears as a pdf document.  To read it click on 3SHandbook Version 5 May 19.

3S Fund Application Forms:

The application forms for individual or project applications are word documents which should be downloaded and saved.  Completed forms should then be submitted as email attachments to the sponsoring Club.  To find out more about the Clubs in the Region click here.

Personal Application Forms:

3S fund application form May 19

3S fund personal profile

Project Application Forms:

3S fund application Project May 19

3S fund project profile May 19

All four above forms must be completed.

How much money is available?  There is a sliding scale of awards.

The amount awarded varies according to the length of time of involvement with the project.  The trustees decide from an agreed sliding scale.

To find out more about the sliding scale click on Sliding scale for 3S fund.  


Donation to 3S Fund.

How do I write a cheque for the 3S Fund?  To whom should it be addressed?

 Cheques for the 3S Fund must be worded correctly:

 Cheques for the 3S Fund Bank Account should be made payable to ‘Soroptimist International Scotland South Region Project’ and sent to SI SS R Treasurer.  At Region Council Meeting on 10 06 2017, our then Treasurer stated that the words ‘Soroptimist International Scotland South Region Project’ must be written in full on cheques, or the bank will not accept them.

Donations can also be made using internet banking and the details are in the 3S fund handbook.  To find out more click on 3SHandbook Version 5 May 19.


Raising Money for the 3S Fund:

How do we raise money for the 3S Fund?

Fund Raising:

By selling hand made items in the Soroptimist tartan, shown in photo on the left.   Similar small items,  made in other materials, are shown in photo on the right.  Proceeds from the sales go to the 3S Fund.

The examples in the photos below are available from the region secretary; E mail:


Clubs raise funds by holding events, and can choose to donate to the Fund. Donations from individuals are also welcomed.


Privacy Statement.  GDPR.

When individuals apply for a grant from the 3S Fund they submit their information in an application form, provide details of their project and an outline of what the grant will be used for.  Successful applicants are subsequently asked to provide a report and to give a presentation at a club or region meeting. The Trustees undertake to ensure that any personal information provided in the applications will be used only for the administration and management of any grants that are awarded.

What type of projects do recipients of a 3S Fund grant undertake to do?

Some Examples of projects supported by The 3S Fund include the following:

  • Volunteering for six weeks in a nursery and hospital in Sri Lanka
  • Running training in Cambodia with Girl Guiding.  To find out more about Girl Guiding click here.
  • A year in Fiji with Project Trust helping in a school.  To find out more about Project Trust click here.
  • Three months in Tanzania with Raleigh International helping young people get ready for work.  To find out more about Raleigh International click here.
  • Volunteering with Mary’s Meals in Malawi.  To find out more about Mary’s Meals click here.
  • A year in Chile with Project Trust.  To find out more about Project Trust click here.

Are you planning to go on a similar project?  Do you like the idea of changing the  lives of women and girls for the better?

If you are hesitating due to lack of funds, please consider applying.   The trustees will consider your application very carefully.