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SI SS Region Officers & Representatives



SI Scotland South Region Officers and Representatives

For the Year 2021-2022:

An additional explanation of who we are and what we do.

A list of SI S S R Officers and Representatives  is given below by name and Club only.

All communications should be addressed to E mail address:

Designation Name Club
President Aileen Eland SI Falkirk
President Elect
Vice President
Immediate Past President Tina Chapman SI Dunfermline
Treasurer Eileen Hunter SI Kirkcaldy
Programme Action Convener Brenda Kay SI Glasgow City
Membership Officer
Communications and Organisational Development Officer Jenifer McFarlane SI Paisley
Benevolent Fund Trustee Kay Wilkie SI Kirkcaldy
Federation Executive Councillor Margaret Mowat SI Glasgow City
“63” Liaison Representative Marilyn Jack SI Hamilton
Communications Team Leader Liz Jamieson SI Glasgow City
3S Fund Chair Tina Chapman SI Dunfermline
Safeguarding Officer Marianne Pattison SI Falkirk

Additional Information

To help you learn more about Who We Are in Scotland South

President Aileen’s Messages

For President Aileen’s journey through her term of office click here

Immediate Past President’s Messages

To read IP President Tina’s Messages click here 

Programme Action

Programme Action is what we call our work.  If you would like to learn more about what we do click here.

Membership in Scotland South

For information about Membership in Scotland South click here.

Benevolent Fund

To find out more about the SIGBI Benevolent Fund click here.

Number 63

Number 63 Bayswater Road,  London W2 3PH is a bed and breakfast hotel owned by Soroptimists since 1948.

For more information click here.

Scotland South 3S Fund

To find out more about Scotland South 3S Fund click here


Safeguarding is protecting a person’s rights to live in safety and free from abuse and neglect.

To find out more click here.

SIGBI Project 2019-22

To learn more about the SIGBI Project 2019-22 click here.

Clubs in Scotland South represented on above list

Dunfermline: to find out more click here.

Falkirk: to find out more click here.

Glasgow City: to find out more click here.

Hamilton: to find out more click here. 

Kirkcaldy: to find out more click here.

Paisley: to find out more click here.