CALENDAR 2017-18


Wed. 19th April                   AGM
Wed. 3rd May                     Business Meeting
Fri.n5th May                       Social Supper – new members and Executive
Wed. 17th May                   Membership Evening
Wed. 7th June                    Business Meeting
Wed. 21st June                  Speaker: Dawn Hardy from Selby College
Wed. 5th July                     Business Meeting
Sat. 15th July                     Skipton Canal Boat Trip
Wed. 19th July                   Speaker: YOrk District Hospital Stroke Team
Sun. 6th August                 Social BBQ at Pam and Paul’s
Wed.6th Sept                     Business Meeting
Thurs. 14th Sept                Fundraising lunch at St. Wilfred’s Parish Hall
Wed. 20th Sept                  Speaker: Dulcie Lewis, historian
Wed. 4th Oct                      Business Meeting
Wed. 18th Oct                    Speakers: Sara Hill & Christine Davies IDAS
Wed. 1st Nov                      Business Meeting
Wed. 15th Nov                    Pamper Evening
Wed. 6th Dec                      Business Meeting
Wed. 13th Dec                    Christmas Dinner

Wed. 3rd Jan                       Business Meeting
Wed. 17th Jan                     Speaker: TBA
Wed. 7th Feb                       Business Meeting
Wed. 21st Feb                     Visit with lunch to Bedern Hall, York
Fri. 23rd Feb                        Annual Quiz
Wed. 7th March                   Business Meeting
Wed. 21st March                 Meal out
Wed. 4th April                      Business Meeting
Wed. 25th April                    AGM