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Healthy Hampers for Survivors of Modern Day Slavery

SI Sheffield is working with a group of Sixth Form girls at a local school to support Snowdrop in their work. The Snowdrop Project, based in Sheffield, helps survivors of Human Trafficking to move on from their past and build new lives.

The idea for ‘Healthy Hampers’ came from the rescued ladies at Snowdrop. It is a project which provides a starter kit of equipment and food for a family for women who have been trafficked, sold and abused and are trying to build a new life here. The hamper boxes include recipe cards, ingredients and basic utensils for a meal, not only help feed the women and their children but also enable them to learn how to make some British recipes such as the Cornish pasties seen in the photo.

Moving the project forward has been a challenge this year, as we were not able to meet in person and had to conduct all our work and communications online. However, we are delighted that at the end of June the first four Healthy Hampers were delivered to the Snowdrop Project and distributed by the case workers to the women and families most in need. Since then 10 more boxes and cool bags with ingredients in them have been delivered.

The girls, at King Edward’s School, who are part of this year’s ‘Share Our Skills’ work, have already raised over £235 through a Bake Sale. It is they who have designed and written the recipe cards in simple English. In spite of it being their summer holiday they found time to help with packing the cool bags with food and packing boxes with the utensils (saucepans, casserole dishes, chopping boards, sharp knives etc) and were delighted to see photos of the finished product of the latest hampers – the Cornish Pasties.