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26/04/22 New President’s Charities

Madam President’s projects in 2022-23 will be:

Mums in Need:

The purpose of Mums In Need (MIN) is to support mothers who are or have been subjected to domestic emotional abuse and violence. Mums In Need provides practical guidance and emotional support to mums who have left abusive partners by empowering them with skills and confidence to move forward with their lives.

Over the past few years, Mums In Need has supported over 200 women who have suffered from emotional/psychological abuse (also known as coercive control). Through running their support services, the need for national policy changes became strikingly apparent. Coercive control is now recognised as a crime and yet when victims leave the abusive relationship, they are often left unsupported. MIN carried out interviews with staff and the women who have used the support services. From this research, they have developed a set of policy recommendations which, if implemented, would drastically improve the support available to coercive control victims.


Winn Gardens Food Bank and Children’s Clubs

Winn Gardens is in the top 20% deprived neighbourhoods in the UK and for various reasons it is difficult to engage families, children and young people in positive activities. It is a diverse and multicultural estate, which has around 18 different ethnicities represented, including families of black African, black Caribbean, Chinese, asian, Slovakian gypsy, eastern European and Indian ethnic heritage.

There is a foodbank which also has clothing, household items, toys and refreshments on offer. The children’s clubs take place in the holidays and see sessions ranging from computer programmes to poetry, multi sports and origami. The children are provided a packed lunch at each session.