Friendship Link Clubs

Amsterdam Amstel

Many club members have enjoyed stays with their friendship link in Amsterdam.  The Club will be celebrating its 50th Anniversary in April 2020 when a number of our club members will hope to attend.

Banjul, The Gambia

During President Judy’s year in office the club raised over £3000 to assist in the Market Garden Project which is continuing to run very successfully and provides work for local women.


Several club members recently visited Grenada after the Barbados conference when they were able to see at first hand the projects undertaken by the Grenada Club.  Over the years SI Slough has helped provide books and other items to the club.

Kathmandu, Nepal

Club member Dee has been active in Nepal for a number of years and has been able to co-ordinate with SI Kathmandu to undertake the setting up of a scholarship fund to assist a student through her law studies at university.  Penny and Dee visited Kathmandu in 2018 and the two clubs have now become Friendship Links.

Vilnius Old Town, Lithuania

Jackie Paling met up with members of our Friendship Link club at the Soroptimist International Conference in Malaysia in July 2019.

Enjoying Conference 2019