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Showcasing One Hundred Soroptimists for the Centenary #WhoIsShe

Who Is She? – Showcasing Soroptimists for the Centenary

We are sorry but the deadline for the submission of nominations has passed and the entry process is now closed. We will be announcing the shortlist soon.


Aim and Purpose of #WhoIsShe 100 4 100 Centenary Campaign

To celebrate the first centenary of Soroptimist International, what better way to raise the profile of the Organisation, than to identify 100 Soroptimists past and present who have made a noteworthy contribution to society. 

These amazing women will be ‘Celebrated’ by publishing their biographies on Wikipedia, clearly noting prominently in the piece that they are/were members of Soroptimist International.  Once achieved, awareness will be raised in the press and on Social Media Platforms.

Criteria for selection

The member needs to have made a significant contribution to the community. This is very hard to quantify so here are some ideas on what this might mean in practice:

  • Held a leading/prominent role in local, national or international society
  • Been a role model/pioneer in her profession
  • Made an outstanding contribution to civic society in her community
  • Led the way in ensuring Soroptimist values are upheld locally, nationally or internationally
  • Carried out work (paid or unpaid) which has positively (and measurably) transformed the lives of women and girls
  • Inspired action in others (eg opinion formers, politicians, decision makers) which has resulted in a measurable improvement in the lives of women and girls
  • Been demonstrably seen to maintain high ethical standards in her profession or public office

Method and Selection Procedure

All Clubs in SIGBI invited to suggest suitable members from the past and present of Clubs/Regions/National Associations/Countries, and to write a 500 word (max) submission on the candidate.

Submissions should be no longer than 500 words with photos if possible, making sure you identify the reason you believe the individual should be showcased.

A selection panel will scrutinise and shortlist suitable candidates in relation to the requirements of Wikipedia

Full feedback will be given to all Clubs submitting entries.

The successful Clubs to be invited to work up their articles in full with images, references and links to sources of information used.

The completed articles to be sent back to the selection panel for checking before onward transmission to the uploading team for publication on Wikipedia.