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Empowering Girls in Nepal Project 2019-22

Members of Soroptimist International, Great Britain and Ireland (SIGBI) have set up a 3-year project: “Empowering girls in Nepal”. The Soroptimists are working in partnership with the charity ChoraChori to support, educate and train vulnerable girls.

ChoraChori is a UK registered charity whose mission is to rescue Nepalese children from abusive situations. It manages their trauma and reintegrates them, where possible, with their families and communities. ChoraChori works on the ground with Nepalese organisations.

In Nepal reported cases of rape have quadrupled in the past ten years. In some areas, violence against girls and their abduction seems to be treated as a social norm. Sexual violence is widespread; victims under the age of ten are not uncommon.

This project tackles this problem head-on by providing security, rehabilitation, education and training for these vulnerable girls. Funding will ensure girls can continue their education safely; skills-training will help in obtaining work.

SIGBI has an “Empowering girls in Nepal” project team. This liaises with the charity, to follow the work in Nepal, and monitors the progress of fundraising.

Project ‘Ambassadors’ keep Soroptimist clubs in the regions up to date with news. SI South Lancashire’s Ambassador is Margaret Baker: read her bulletins here.