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Meru Women’s Garden Project 2016-19

The Meru Women’s Garden was a project involving all clubs in Soroptimist International, Great Britain and Ireland, Federation (SIGBI). Planned for 2016-19, it supported some of the poorest women-led households in Kenya.

Meru County has a largely rural population with HIV/AIDs prevalent in the region. Nearly half of the women and girls in Meru are seriously malnourished, and nearly a quarter have received no formal education. The majority live a hand-to-mouth existence in agriculture, using methods which degrade the land.

The project focussed on providing opportunities to women and girls who may never otherwise have been given the chance to earn an income. It aimed to give them status within their community.

Improved food production and education supports women and girls to transform their lives and those of others. This was achieved through a process of cascade learning and mentoring. The aim: to reduce poverty, improve health and increase employment.

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