Previous Projects

Below are some examples of projects undertaken by the club in previous years


The support of Wessex Medical Trust was one of the a major projects in 2015/2016. Our work focused on fundraising and a major achievement was securing one of the charity open days at Longstock Park Water Garden.

Wessex Medical Research is a local charity based at Southampton General Hospital. Established in 1977, over the last 38 years the Charity has raised more than 20 million for vital medical research. The appeal for 2015 aimed to raise £30,000 to simplify and improve early identification of Cervical Cancer, a life-threatening condition which affects women of all ages.

See Past Events section for more information

MENTORING at a LOCAL COMMUNITY COLLEGE, Southampton.This was an on-going local service project for many years

Members provided in- school Reading Friends at a local school.

By reading with individual pupils every week, who were taken out of class for reading practice in the library, and building a relationship incredible improvements have been achieved.

Each child was mentored for a term and in such a short time could make dramatic improvements in their reading age.

school Dictionaes2The school was presented with Oxford School Dictionaries by SI Southampton & District. Each child receiving help with their reading was given one of these books as further encouragement and to help them progress. The books were enthusiastically and gratefully received by the pupils and the school.

In a previous year one girl in the school was sponsored by us for a school educational trip to CERN and the large Hadron Collider.

Masaka Girls

Through our Friendship link with SI Masaka in Uganda, we got involved in a project to support the education of girls in the area in a very practical way.

The Masaka Girls project aims to provide the means for girls to fulfil their dreams. Our project focused on fundraising and an event in February 2017 raised £444 for sanitary ware to enable the girls to attend school regularly (see Past Event section).

In addition, more funds have been raised through sales at a local auction allowing the club to donate a further £350.



Princess Anne Hospital

HatsThe Princess Anne Hospital is a maternity hospital in Southampton, adjacent to Southampton General Hospital and affiliated with Southampton University.

The club had been alerted to the need for miniature hats neo-natal babies at the unit and continues to provide miniature hats.

Club representatives visited the Princess Anne Hospital with a gift of over 140 baby hats for neo-nates and newborns, these were knitted by members of the Coffee Club.

The hats measure less then 10 cm!




The theme for 2011/2012 was the elderly, with Age Concern being the charity of choice. In line with the theme, many dinner speakers spoke about issues relevant to older people ranging from Hants County Council adult services to wills.The year’s fund raising activities started with a successful plant sale where members generously donated plants and/or their time on the day. This was followed by the bake and jewellery sale at the summer over 50’s Festival in the Guildhall Square where the below photo was taken.

As a result of the fundraising during Penny’s presidency 2011/2012 a cheque for £783.65 was handed over to Age Concern Southampton, see Past EventsAge Concern Southampton put this towards our ‘Ending Loneliness and Isolation’ campaign, which has been running for the past few months. The Visiting Service provides regular visits to older people who are housebound or socially isolated. Age Concern volunteer visitors provide a much-needed lifeline for our clients and are very often the only visitors they will have during the week.

Medical Equipment Recycle

Surplus medical equipment, no longer needed by the original user, is being thrown out whilst mobility aids are badly needed elsewhere in the world.

This awareness came about through the involvement of two of our club members as regular volunteers at the Red Cross Medical Loans centre in Southampton. Members of the public have contacted them about items from sources other than the Red Cross, which are now surplus to their needs

We identified a charity, ‘Wheels for the world’, that takes items such as wheel chairs (especially for children) and crutches. Refurbishing, if needed, were undertaken by prisoners at Parkhurst on the Isle of Wight. For more details about this charity go to


The Bee Plus Project

The Bee Plus project supplied educational materials for children in local Primary Schools and Brownie packs. The educational material related to the decline in bee population and provided the children with the means of supporting the sustainability of honey bees now and into the future.

Seven junior and infant schools as well as one Brownie pack were provided with “Goodie Bags” to help the children with this educational and environmental project.

Participating schools received a comprehensive resource pack, cd and workbook with all the materials needed, at no cost to the school. For more information visit the website,

We also visited the school to help them get started with a goody bag e.g. ;- lavender seeds, honey spoon, honey recipes

Photos from a visit to a Brownie Pack for BeePlus


The Hampshire and IOW Air Ambulance

This photo was taken in March 2010 when our then President Hilary Laidler (on the right), presented a ‘big’ cheque to the Chairman of the Trustees of the Hampshire and IOW Air Ambulance.

Then President Elect, Christine Davies, is holding the other end of the cheque.

Our activities to raise this money had included making a collection on the Itchen Toll Bridge on 11th December 2009 when we were joined by the Rotary Club of Southampton Magna. Only a limited number of such collections are permitted each year and there is a long waiting list of applicants so we were really pleased to finally have the opportunity to do this for such a worthwhile cause.



Tea Bag Project

Original T.Bag Designs is a project set up in Hout Bay, Cape Town, to give employment to impoverished South Africans in the Settlement there. Re-cycled teabags are decorated and affixed to a variety of products for sale. Our Friendship Link club SI Cape of Good Hope also supports this project and our good friend and Soroptimist Sue Pritt has been a volunteer for many years. Several of our own Club members have visited Hout Bay and seen the products and the work in progress.

We began our involvement with a fund raising tea party in 2009 which raised £240: this provided lighting for their shop and resulted in increased sales from the first week of usage. Further tea parties took place where guests could hear about the work and have the opportunity to purchase the products such as coasters, trays etc.i



And we are also helping to keep the project supplied with their raw material – empty used tea bags !