Club Officers 2018-19

We are an international club that runs on agreed business-like proceedings.
We have an Executive Committee to make sure that our business is properly considered – they meet every month and report back to the club for discussion – EVERY MEMBER COUNTS!
Our club Business meetings are efficiently run and never become tedious!


Club Officers:

Sharon Spivey


Past President


Sharon Richardson
President Elect

Vice Presidents


Jackie Daniels & Jill Healey


Programme Action Officer

Jackie Daniels

Beryl Haisman-Baker
Membership Officer

Lynne Fyson
Additional members:
Tracey Hannington

Janet Reynolds

Sharon Spivey
 Social  … Cathy Cottridge
Regional Representatives:    (from October)
  Therese Tahaan

Sharon Richardson


Friendship Links

Jan Payne
Meal Bookings

Janet Reynolds