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Club Roles / Officers

St Austell & District Soroptimist Club Roles



  • President: Jill Barnard
  • President Elect: Diane Walker & Kay Turner (shared role)
  • Vice President: Rowena Castillo-Nicholls
  • Past President: Jeanette Gay
  • Hon Treasurer: Libby Moore
  • Hon Secretary: Sue Curr
  • Minutes Secretary: TBC
  • Communications Officer: Jennie Walker
  • Almoner: Jeanette Gay

Committee Chairs

  • Chair of Programme Action Committee: Diane Walker
  • Chair of Social & Fundraising Committee: Jackey Stagg & Angela Taylor (AJ) (shared role)
  • Chair of Finance Committee: Catherine Hannaford
  • Chair of Membership Committee: Jane Bridges
  • Chair of Communications & Marketing: Jennie Walker
  • Chair of  STEM Committee: Jill Barnard

Committee Members

Programme Action                                    Social & Fundraising

Diane Walker                           Jackey Stagg & Angela Taylor
Heather Bishop                         Jeanette Gay
Clare Desmond                          Joan Hermes
Jean Oswald                            Karen Hurn
Claire Pennellum                       Daphne Johns
Caroline Robers                        Mxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx
Judith Skinner                         Pat Towell
Sylvia Veall                           Barbara Trenerry
Rowena Castillo-Nicholls               Pat Wakeford
Finance                                             Membership
Catherine Hannaford                    Jane Bridges
Liz Frier                              Rowena Castillo-Nicholls
Libby Moore                            Maggie Hamilton
Kathryn Tucker                         Anne Packer
Mary Weston                            Crystal Pearce
                                       Kay Turner

Communications & Marketing        STEM
Jennie Walker                          Jill Barnard
Angela Backhouse                       Liz Frier
Sandra Heyward                         Dawn George
Wendy Plaice                           Lorraine Hoar
                                       Libby Moore
                                       Diane Walker
                                       Jennie Walker