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Elizabeth Millard Educational Bursary

Elizabeth Millard bursary

The bursary was set up in 1988 in memory of our 2nd Club President initally to help finance the studies of a deserving local young woman entering a more typical male area of work. The criteria have widened over the years, we have supported engineers , students of design, physics, environmental studies, marine biology, carpentry and medical students. Fundraising for the bursary is the responsibility of the Past Presidents of the club. We have now helped 33 young women, Maria Gelder the first recipient was a design student, she now works in Switzerland for an International Medical devices company and paid us a visit a few years ago. We knew had chosen the right candidate.

In May  2019  Alice Moore  received £300 for her studies in Textiles and Design at Falmouth University. She is a weaver. Alice brought along some of her stunning course work for the members to see.