Speaker meetings

Lad Culture 19-01-18

Tackling Sexual Violence in Higher Education,     With Prevention, Education and Support Our speakers were Ian Munton and Clare Slater  from Keele University. 1 in 7 students reported serious physical or sexual abuse. Universities are working to change culture … Continued

Alison George 06-02-18

Our speaker was Alison George,  who is A Master Trainer and Sports Massage Therapist. Do exercises, the more we move, the fitter we become. ( we can even do stretching exercises at our desks ) Have a balanced daily nutritional … Continued

Mercy Ships 05-09-17

Mercy Ships, offering hope and transforming lives. Mary Feeran was one of the volunteers to work on one of The Mercy Ships, There were volunteers from over 35 countries on board The ship stays in the chosen Port for 10 … Continued

Changing Tunes 02-05-17

Changing Tunes is a charity which provides music in prisons. The charity is in partnership with the prison Chaplains it provides the musical instruments and teaches the prisoners how to play. It was started 30 years ago, is Countrywide and … Continued

Demythologising Science 07-03-17

BLACK HOLES and GRAVITATIONAL WAVES Speaker, Nick Daws, a Scientist and Husband of club member Michelle, told us about Black Holes and Gravitational Waves He told us that Our Planet Earth is just a speck of light in vast Galaxies … Continued

Staffordshire Search and Rescue 07-02-17

Staffordshire Search and Rescue Dawn Hopley, from Staffordshire Search and Rescue, explained that all members of the rescue teams are volunteers, All the volunteers are Professionally and Medically trained They help the Police and mainly search for vulnerable missing persons as they … Continued

SOVA 03-01-17

Staffordshire Young People’s Project   ( SOVA ) Rachael Turner explained the system of Independent Visitors, for children up to 18 years old,  in Foster Homes and Council Homes, to provide support  and help build confidence and self esteem for vulnerable … Continued

Penkridge First Responders 06-09-16

Penkridge Community First Responders was the subject of the speaker meeting. Mike, their representative, explained that it is a small local charity and all the members are volunteers. They work in partnership with the Ambulance Service and attend emergency calls. … Continued

Speaker Machita Denny 05-07-16

Machita Denny, is a consultant on Autism and runs her own company. She talked about meeting the needs of people on the autistic spectrum Supporting people with autism and why help is needed. The impact autism has on the family. Machita’s proud … Continued

Fresh Hair Wigs and Wellbeing 05-04-16

Fiona Ford talked about her charity work, providing and fitting wigs for cancer patients. A purpose built Salon has been set up at Stoke Hospital and plans are also in place to have a Salon in Stafford Hospital. Stafford members have chosen … Continued