Speaker Meetings

Year May 2015 – April 2016


5th May 2015

Why is peace such a problem?

Dr David Dunn


2nd June 2015

Collar and Cuffs

Rev. Pam Merriott


7th July 2015

Women Saints in Medieval Staffordshire

Dr Nigel Tringham


1st September 2015

Members’ Job Talk



6th October 2015


Neil Robinson


3rd November 2015

The Sun, Star Clusters, Nebulae & Galaxies

David Gwynn


1st December 2015

Friendship Evening


5th January 2016

Women in Engineering

Tara Kirkwood


2nd February 2016

Suffragette Women Artists:

Margaret O’Sullivan


1st March 2016

Women In trauma

Kate Collier