Violence Against Women – Stop it Now

President Alison Elsmore with Mayor of Stafford, Angela Loughran and Dickie Chester-James (Staffordshire Women’s Aid)

Monday 25th November was the UN Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.

SI Stafford in partnership with Staffordshire Women’s Aid held a vigil in Stafford Market Square.

This Vigil, attended by Angela Loughran, Major of Stafford, was held to raise awareness of the violence, in all its forms, that is perpetrated against women and girls.

Placards were carried to highlight Soroptimist’s Campaign:

‘Violence Against Women – Stop it Now’

and covered the five specific areas of concern which are:

  • Modern Day Slavery and the Sex Trade
  • Forced Marriage and ‘honour’ Killings
  • Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)
  • Elder Abuse
  • Domestic Violence and Abuse

DSC00895Staffordshire Womens Aid’s placards carried information to support the evidence of the atrocities mentioned above and information of the services they provide to support those women and their families.

The passing public signed two petitions calling on the UK Government to:

  • ‘put and end to ‘Sex for Sale’ advertising in all its forms, and to ban the promotion and distribution of such adverts’;
  • ‘ensure that perpetrators of Violence Against Women are brought to Justice’.

During the vigil SI Stafford’s President, Alison Elsmore; Staffordshire Women’s Aid CEO, Dickie Chester-James and the Mayor of Stafford addressed the vigil, and a poem was read.

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