Club Meetings 2019-20

Thursday 4th April 2019 AGM

Sunday 28th April  1. Change of Insignia; 2. Marathon Water Station

Thursday 9th May  Mental Health  Emily Bridgwater, Dementia Friend
(Lead group: Health)

Monday 1st June SIGBI* Development Day at East Midlands Conference Centre Nottingham

Thursday 6th June Club Meeting

Friday 7th – Sunday 9th June Friendship Weekend celebrating our 60th anniversary

Thursday 4th July  Recycling
(Lead group: Environment)

August Date to be announced – Outing

Thursday 5th September Mary’s Meals Backpacks

Saturday 14th September Literary Lunch
(Lead group: Education)

Saturday 21st September 1. MAR* AGM at Worcester Cricket Club;  2. International Day of Peace

Thursday 3rd October Club meeting
(Lead group: Health)

Thursday 24th – Saturday 26th October SIGBI* Conference in Bournemouth

Thursday 7th November Club meeting
(Lead group: Environment)

Saturday 30th November MAR* at Chesford Grange

Thursday 5th December Christmas meeting

Thursday 2nd January 2020 Practical evening

Thursday 6th February Review of the year

Thursday 5th March Club meeting
(Lead group: Education)

Saturday 7th March MAR* at Wolston Community Centre

Saturday 21st March Public Speaking Competition

*Note: SIGBI = Soroptimist International Great Britain and Ireland.  MAR = Midland Arden Region

Meetings are held at St. Andrew’s Parish Centre, Shottery at 7.30pm

Additional speakers and events will be organized as the year progresses.
Contact the club secretary on for the latest information and for confirmation of dates.