Social Groups with a purpose

We are not a social club – but we are sociable.  Those who wish join up with like-minded Soroptimists and, from time-to-time, these groups work to the benefit of our charities.


 hospice fete 2010   Craft Group.  A small group of club members employ their not inconsiderable handicraft skills to make goods, both useful and decorative, to be sold in aid of charity. The picture shows their crafts and painitings on sale at the annual fete of the Shakespeare Hospice.  All proceeds went to the hospice. Sale of handmade cards and other home craft items are a regular feature of our fundraising stalls and contribute essential sums that cover outgoing costs. Meetings are informal and held when the need arises.



Book Club.  This meets monthly and provides an ideal format for discussing all things literary.  Entirely social it is an opportunity to chat to fellow Soroptimists as friends and forget the SI Constitution and all that sails with it.  We benefit from an excellent local library service that provides up to 15 copies of the same book free of charge.  Recognising the value of this we therefore collect money each month to provide books for those less fortunate than ourselves.  If we enjoy a book we pay a pound into the kitty; if we don’t then it is £2.00; and those that do not get round to read the book at all put £3.00 in the pot.  By this rather arbitrary system we collected £180.00 in 2014 and sent it to Book Aid International.

Ramblers.  Several members enjoy walking in the lovely Cotswold countryside that we are lucky enough to have on our doorstep.  They join in walks with the local Ramblers Association and sometimes organise sponsored walks for our charities when other club members join in.  The strong walkers do the 10-12 mile rambles while others prefer the shorter, slower routes.