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Hospital Bookstalls

Every few months club members run a book stall at the Royal Surrey County Hospital to raise funds for hospital projects. The books are donated to SI Surrey Hills by members and their friends/supporters.

The first of our bookstalls for 2019 raised approximately £100 for the Safe Delivery Trust, part of the RSCH’s maternity unit. This follows our bookstalls supporting the Early Pregnancy Assessment Unit, which will create a dedicated area for those who are experiencing problems and perhaps loss in their pregnancy, and for which we raised over £500.

In previous years funds raised have also supported the appeal for the purchase and installation of a tomosynthesis machine to assist the Breast Cancer unit at the RSCH, with a bookstall also being held in Guildford Cathedral. In total, £500 was donated towards the purchase of the new machine.

We were delighted to receive a Certificate from the RSCH thanking us for our work in raising over £1300 for the various projects over the last few years.