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Filling Toilet Bags for Swansea Women’s Aid

Dinner meetings are used to do some Programme Action work and today we filled several bags for the ladies at Swansea Women’s Aid

Is it really necessay to provide toilet bags for ladies arriving at Women’s Aid?

The ladies arriving have often left home in a hurry without even any basic essentials. They often have children with them and a welcoming bag for them will help ease their initial trauma.

What sort of items are needed?

These could include soap, flannel, toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, shower gel, shampoo, nailfile, shower cap, hand cream, body lotion and tissues. Children’s bags are also made available.

What can I do to help?

As soroptimists we rely on fundraising activities to raise funds for this and members also provide goods to fill the bags. Help is always needed and if you would like to donate any items or funds, especially in this time of restrictions on fundraising due to Coronavirus, this would be appreciated. Use the form on the Contact Us Page to let us know how you can help. To find out more about what we do use the links on the Welcome Page and the links on the right.

Filled toilet bags for Swansea Women's Aid
Filled toilet bags for Swansea Women’s Aid