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Presidents in the Trio system (from 2013)

Recently, 3 presidents have shared the presidency supported by 3 groups who in turn help set the programme for the year. This has enabled ladies to take a turn in running the club. In 2017, we changed to a 2 president system supported by groups.In 2017 it was decided by club that we would return to 1 President with the whole club assisting and Programme Action would be central to our activities. Mrs Angela Ball agreed to becoming the new President for 2018/9.

2013/4 Janet Vine, Carol Davies and Jane Giles
2014/5 Jane Watkeys , Sue James and Beverley Jones
2015/6 Norma Glass, Anne Norton, Val Woodall
2016/7 Jill Dickinson, Lynne Minshall and Angela Ball
2017/8 Jane Giles and Rhian Williams