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Skirts from Shirts – good idea from SI Weston-super-Mare

A Good Idea from SI Weston-Super-Mare

SI Weston-super-Mare member Ronnie Murdin writes:

Since 2013 SI Weston-super-Mare have been involved with the Mary’s Meals backpack project. This runs alongside Mary’s Meals’ main work in getting children to school by ensuring they have a meal there each day. Backpacks contain everything a child needs in order to go to school – from clothes to wear through towel and toothbrush to writing materials.

In making up the backpacks many sources are used for reasonably priced items – discount stores for toiletries, car boot sales which are a must in the warmer months. Numerous supermarkets do good quality, inexpensive t-shirts; shorts are available but not many skirts.

As someone who has sewn all my life, I went through my “stash” (dressmakers’ hoarding of fabric pieces) and used this up quite quickly.

I then looked at men’s shirts; the collars and cuffs get worn, but the main body of the shirt is good cotton…. I cut them under the armpit and put in an elastic casing. The hem is already sewn (curved or straight) and I sew up the centre buttoned area, for decency.

Skirts from shirts

Then we have a lovely girl’s skirt for between 6 and 10 year olds ….recycling at its best !!

WsM club are about to pack their next batch very shortly; reaching over 450 , since we started in February 2013. A most satisfying project to be involved in, bringing joy to so many children who have so very little that they can call “Their Own”.