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SW&CI Meetings 2020-21

The regional year runs from October to October, with the change of insignia occurring at the SIGBI Federation conference.
There are four meetings during the year, one per quarter. The November, March and September meetings are held in Taunton, which is geographically central in our region.

Sat 25th Jul 2020, (Zoom) Regional Council Meeting

Sat 3rd Oct 2020, Plymouth.
The  Regional AGM event, planned for 3 October, is still undecided . The Hotel where the event should be taking place is closed so I haven’t been able to gather any information from them. I think at this juncture it would be very useful to know how many people, if the event were to go ahead, would be prepared to travel to Plymouth to attend. If you could let me know how many members in your Club might be prepared to make the journey it would be most useful?

Sat 14th Nov 2020  Taunton. Regional Council Meeting

Sat 20th Mar 2021  Taunton. Regional Council Meeting

Sat 26th Jun 2021  Barnstaple – TBC Regional AGM

Sat 18th Sep 2021  Taunton. Regional Council Meeting

Sat 13th Nov 2021  Taunton – Regional Council Meeting TBC

(Advance Notice: Sat 19th March 2022 – Regional Council Meeting  TBC)