Regional President Daphne Dowsing 2016-18


Regional President Daphne Dowsing, left, with Immediate Past President Diane Steele

Seventeen years ago when I first joined Tiverton Soroptimists, I remembered two things. One was that members finished their, then written, correspondence with “Yours in friendship”.  The other was that members used the word sisters when talking about each other and when referring to the members of their Friendship links.

I found this a comforting thought, as I have no female relatives.  I come from a very small family.  However I have increased it with a son Kristoffer and daughter Fiona, both approaching 40! I have two granddaughters, Ella 8 and Maia 5.  They are beautiful little girls.  However like all grandmas I fear for them in this ever changing world.  When Madeline McCann went missing, it sent a cold shiver through us all.  Was she raped?, trafficked?, killed? or groomed to be a child bride?.

Our mission to Educate, Empower and Enable is a powerful one.  Education is power!  I feel that we make an important contribution to helping lift women and girls out of poverty.

As a dedicated Soroptimist member, Tiverton Club President twice and now your Regional President, I am so proud to be part of what Soroptimists are achieving worldwide.

It is a great privilege to be your Regional President. Thank you for this amazing opportunity. I promise that I will work hard to promote our Region and to visit as many Clubs who will invite me. I have got to know many of you, my Soroptimist Sisters.

As President, I have an overview of the whole Region, which is an excellent way of seeing how many Programme Action projects are being undertaken by all our Clubs.

This year I have an excellent team of officers and I have the benefit of two Past Presidents; Kay Turner is heading a team to give us information on the Growth Plan and Sue Perry is heading a team to look at Succession planning in the Clubs and in the Region. Our Membership and Development Officer, Shirley Alexander, will be organising a Development Day in Taunton on 11th of March 2017.  Our Conference in Malta was brilliant and thank you to those who came to the meals I organised.  Finally, my own Club, SI Tiverton, are looking forward to welcoming you to the AGM and Friendship weekend on 16th to 18th June 2017.  It looks like a busy year ahead for us all!

Yours in friendship
Soroptimist Regional President for the South West and Channel Islands


Regional President Daphne with Soroptimist international President Yvonne Simpson at the “Pink by the Pool” event during the Malta Conference in support of breast cancer charities.