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Bookmark Project “Loves Me …Loves Me Not” re Good and Abusive Relationships

Swindon Soroptimists have been concerned about girls finding themselves in abusive relationships.  We raised the money to pay for these double sided laminated bookmarks originally designed by S I Yeovil

We have distributed these bookmarks to schools and colleges in Swindon.  They have also been placed in Doctors Surgeries and in the Central Library.  As they have been so well received we are now widening the distribution to include schools and colleges in Wiltshire.  We also now have posters delivering the same message which we are distributing as widely as possible.  To find out more or to request bookmarks or posters please contact Jenny at:

NB Please scroll down to view the two sides of the bookmark.  As we have now purchased more bookmarks due to demand and postage costs, we now usually ask for a donation of £10 per 100 bookmarks from any charity or agency.  However do please let us know if you will make good use of bookmarks but are unable to contribute towards the costs.