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Meru Women’s Garden Project

The Meru Women’s Garden Project is the Soroptimist International Federation of Great Britain & Ireland (SIGBI) main fundraising project for the next 4 years. The Federation is partnering with to

  • Provide agricultural training and equipment to enable women to feed their families
  • Empower women by enabling them to advocate their rights
  • Protect girls from damaging cultural practices such as Female Genital Mutilation
  • Enable community access to nutricious food by producing greater yields
  • Create employment opportunities to ensble long-term sustainable development
  •  Tackle malnutrition in schools by creating food gardens


Garden Project – 2016 – YouTube

Meru Women’s Garden Project will create change that lasts    By teaching women to train other women we ensure that knowledge is passed on for generations.    Mothers will have the knowledge and skills they need to provide healthy and stable environments for their children.  As a result girls are much more likely to stay in school. 

An educated girl can achieve anything

Soroptimists work to Educate, Empower and Enable women and girls.  This project does just that:

Educate    Learning to produce food more efficiently will help the women of Meru to feed their families.    Business and employment skills help women to become self-sufficient, in an effort to to banish hunger from their communities forever.   Women will host sessions with girls in school to educate them on their rights and how to protect themselves

Empower     Forums and seminars will help women find their voice within the community   The pioneering roles women will play in the project, and the leadership and mentorship training will increase their influence and social status ensuring women and girls are better enabled to reach their full potential.

Enable    To truly reduce poverty we must help people to generate their own income.      We will provide women with more opportunities for employment, establish methods to mentor and train others and form farming cooperatives making the impact of your support reach even further.