2019 – 2020


June 2019

Soroptimist members had a very interesting and very thought provoking evening when Tiggi Konte came to talk at a recent meeting.

Tiggi organises the Walsall FGM support group. Tiggi and her mother, who accompanied her, had both been victims of FGM.

When  she set up the support group Tiggi had 28 members who had suffered FGM – the group now has over 100 women who have settled in the UK from parts of the world where  the abhorrent practice still exists ie mainly parts of Africa and The Middle East. She was happy to answer questions from members at the end of her talk.

L to R Tiggi Konte Lyn Shiel Pres. and Tiggi’s Mother



President Lyn Shiel presented Tiggi with a donation for the group











October 2019


SI Tamworth held an afternoon tea to raise money for our Ugandan Education Bursary. This is a project that SI Tamworth has been supporting for a number of years. It  started with providing termite proof cupboards for books to be kept in. It then continued to educating four girls and a boy through to the end of their senior school education and then supporting the building of a school and the running of it.

Susan Powell, a member of SI Tamworth, gave an inspiring talk about the bursary. Over £600 will be donated to the Bursary






Members of SI Tamworth had a stall in their local shopping area to raise awareness of Breast Cancer.


The stall was decorated with pink balloons kindly donated by Clintons.


We made a wonderful £415 and handed out leaflets on breast care.