2016 – 2017

September 2016


President Chris is proudly wearing our refurbished Presidential Regalia. Both Pendant and Chain are splendid and are as they were when given to the club, the Pendant in 1948 and the Chain of office in 1955.

On the same evening we had a very entertaining talk from Cara who was  a steward at the London Olympics.

The photo shows Cara in her Olympic uniform with her wonderful scrapbook and her stewards baton.

May 2016

Tamworth Soroptimists enjoyed a lively question and answer session with members of the Nuneaton and Warwickshire Wildlife Sanctuary.

The Sanctuary rescues sick, injured and abandoned birds and animals. They are given medication, rest and recuperation in preparation for release back into the wild. The Sanctuary even has a fully equipped wildlife ambulances in which they can perform emergency rescues around the clock as well as receiving casualties 24/7.

The Geoff Grewcock, founder member spoke passionately about the work of the sanctuary and about all the animals they have rescued from spiders to snakes, birds of prey to swans, foxes and even hamsters.

The real stars of the show though were Sweep, a four year old fox cub and an European Wild Owl.

Geoff with Sweep

Geoff with Sweep

European Wild Owl

European Wild Owl














For more information about the Sanctuary please see:- http://www.nuneatonwildlife.co.uk/