Cruising round the World with Soroptimism


While on her current round- the -world cruise on the Black Watch (2018/2019), Gill Curry of SI Thames Valley was delighted to find other Soroptimists on board. They came from clubs in Oslo, Norway, Birmingham, Stratford, Wirral and Manchester and exchanged information on what their clubs do for Programme Action, fund raising and how their clubs are structured.

Gill, an indefatigable campaigner for the Kori Project, supported by SI Thames Valley also held an information session for the rest of the passengers during the cruise on this and other Soroptimist ventures.

Next stop on the cruise was Vannuatu where they doubtless now all know all about Soroptimism thanks to Gill and the others. Then there was to be 1000 miles of the Pacific to cross before reaching Sydney where there will be even more Soroptimists to meet up with.