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TOILET TWINNING – “80 FOR 80” 2018

Fylde Soroptimists achieved huge success with their “80 for 80” Toilet Twinning project in 2018 and managed to secure the twinning of well over 100 toilets within the Fylde Borough.  This means that in excess of £6,000 has gone towards the provision of sanitation and hygiene education in places such as Nepal, Cambodia, Tanzania and some African countries where conditions are particularly dangerous to health, which, in turn, will enable better education for the children in these areas.

The Club has been supported in the project by Mark Menzies, MP, Fylde Borough Council, Lytham Hall, Freckleton Social Club, No. 10 Ale House, the Glendower Hotel, Lowther Pavilion and St Annes Parish Church – to name but a few – all of whom have twinned their toilets.

Fylde Soroptimists have also worked in close contact with the pupils at AKS and they have been doing some amazing fundraising activities, resulting in the twinning of all toilets in the school.  The School have formed a Junior Soroptimists Club and this Club was chartered at the end of January 2018.