Club development 2016-17



1. Introduction

At our Club meeting in June 2016 we reflected on the past year and considered how we had measured up to the targets that we set for ourselves for 2015-2016. We had focused on two main targets that supported SIGBI’s five strategic goals. The targets were Programme Action and increasing membership. Within these targets we had a range of activities and, through carrying out most of these activities we were largely successful in meeting our targets.

2. Development in 2016-2017

Looking forward to how Club can develop further in 2016-2017 we need to continue to support the Federation’s theme which is “Building the Future of SIGBI” – Vision 2021. This is essential because of falling membership. We must also continue to support SIGBI’s 5 strategic goals. They are:-

Strategic Goal 1 : To increase and maintain the membership of SIGBI.

Strategic Goal 2: To undertake programme action to improve the lives of women and girls

Strategic Goal 3 : To improve financial strength and accountability.

Strategic Goal 4: To deliver a comprehensive communications policy

Strategic Goal 5 : To raise the profile of SIGBI by increasing the public’s awareness of our work and achievements.


3. Our Targets for 2016-17 for Development.

In view of the good results we had in 2014-2015 our Club will continue with last year’s two main targets:

a) Programme Action to fulfil Strategic Goal 2 and the two SI PA goals, which are:-


Goal 1: Soroptimist International will improve the lives and status of women and girls through education, empowerment and enabling opportunities

Goal 2: Soroptimist International will be a global voice for increasing access to education and leadership for women and girls.       

Programme Action is the heart of what we do and we will continue to work at the 3Es and to give service in our community as outlined in paragraph 4a) below.

b) Increase membership to follow the Federation’s theme and support Strategic Goal 1

To increase membership we must build on our success in the last year by working as a team on the areas detailed in paragraph 4b). If we do this we will also fulfil Strategic goals 3,4 and 5.

4) Meeting our targets

a) Programme Action

Our main focus of PA this year 2016-17 will be our continuing support for Sundarban, Unite Young Carers and the Market-Drop-in Centre. The produce stall in Club meetings, which replaced the book stall, will continue and proceeds will be sent to the Federation PA project – The Meru Womens’ Garden Project.

Tiverton Club has had close links with Petroc College for a number of years. We will continue to attend the Freshers’ Fayre, Be Safe Day and Diversity Day, as well as creating displays in the college. The displays will support one or more of the special UN days listed below.

Club has made links with the Charity Committee at Blundells School and we will work together on joint projects. It is hoped that eventually this will enable them to start their own campus club.

There will be displays for World Peace Day (21st September), Day of the Girl Child (11th October) and Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women (25th November). These may be held at Petroc, the library or the museum. A celebration of International Women’s Day on the 8th March will be held on the bridge at Lowman’s Green.

Ongoing support to be given to the Churches Housing Action Team by donating food and household items each month for the homeless.

Regular help will continue for Singing to Remember, a meeting for a group of sufferers of dementia and their carers which aims to help memory through singing. Members attend the group and help to provide refreshments as well as joining in the singing.         

b)  Increase Membership

Experience over the last two years has shown that the key to ensuring our club continues to grow is teamwork and support for each other. Everyone has something to offer and a role to play. We must all be aware when other members need help and be ready to give it.

Our publicity, website and profile raising events have been excellent and are very important factors in increasing membership. We will keep this up via local media and develop it through the use of a Facebook page linked to our Club website and other local events websites. More local events will bring us into and keep us in the public eye.

When a new member joins us, we must make them feel welcome giving them a welcome pack that explains what Soroptimist International is all about in a clear and simple way. They will be given a practical role as soon as possible to involve them and use their skills.   

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