2018 Club news

2018 Another Charitable Superstore

Sainsbury’s main concerns are Health, Food, Family and Children. Some impressive achievements so far – £2.3m raised in in-store fundraising for Local Charities in 2016/17 £100m donated to Comic Relief since 1999 £3m to Royal British Legion and Poppy Scotland … Continued

2018 Flashdance

Flashdance A group of ladies decided on a diversionary tactic from Soroptimist responsibilities – we went to the Theatre. We met for lunch at Breezers, then went through to our seats in the Princess Theatre. The show was Flashdance. The … Continued

2018 Torquay Soroptimist’s highlight Charitable Superstores

Charitable Superstores We often complain about our superstores but Soroptimist Linda Churchward has found some exceptional information about their charitable work that should be applauded. She is going to share some of their positive news on this website. The Cooperative … Continued

2018 Torquay Community Larder

Friends from Brixham Soroptimists joined us at Rosegarth to listen to Clive Addison. We had invited him to improve our understanding of the Torquay Community Larder. We have supported the charity wholeheartedly but welcomed the chance of some more background … Continued

2018 Resolutions

  Actions speaks louder than words. We’ve had the discussions, we’ve finalised our programme and now we’re gearing up for action. Lately, our ladies have had their unfair share of problems, misfortune and sadness but as with all Soroptimists, we’re … Continued