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The 100 + challenge

As part of our celebrations for the centenary of Soroptimist International our members have set themselves some challenges. Can we collect, donate or make a minimum of 100 items over the course of 2021 to support charities and our local community?

Here’s the list of our monthly projects. We will keep you updated on our progress in club news so do keep checking our website.

January: 100 stamps to raise funds for breast cancer research

February: 100 green plastic bottle tops for recycling for plug wires

March: £100 raised from an Easter Raffle for Easter Eggs a local primary school

April: 100 sunflower seeds for planting at home (Who will have grown the tallest sunflower come August?) and 100 items for local food banks

May: 100 clothing items for local charities, including Smartworks (

June: 100 transactions with local businesses and services

July: 100 knitted squares for cot blankets for the maternity hospital in Manzini, Eswatini and 100 balls of wool for knitters of items for Sierra Leone

August: an event to raise £100 raised for the Diamond Education Grant ( )

September: planting 100 bulbs

October: 100 used bras for recycling for Breast Cancer Research and 100 used biros and felt-tips, old fountain pens and propelling pencils for recycling for Astley High School field centre.

November: 100 posts on SI Tynemouth, Whitley Bay & District social media sites

December: 100 bags of litter picked in members’ local community



Collections update: June 2021

987 stamps

359 knitted squares

54 social media posts

132 bags of litter

Over 200 items donated to Smart Works

140 pens

451 items of clothing given to charity shops

172 items donated to food banks

Amazing work – well done to our members and friends for collecting and donating.