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Weekend Hunger sorted with Backpack Buddies


Have you heard of  weekend hunger or BACKPACK BUDDIES?

It’s a bag of easy to prepare food for primary school children, so club members filled 60+ bags for young children in postcode NE29.

Thanks to Rebecca and her team at Voda, North Shields.

What happens to those kids that get a free school meal during the school term – and her are the new words in our vocabulary – food poverty, holiday hunger, weekend hunger – well this is such an amazing charity and it helps as much as it can!

Can you guess what we bought?

From a previous fundraisng members were each given a category of food to buy; individual rice puddings, cartons of fresh orange juice, breakfast bars etc

60 plastic bags donated by our local COOP – kids are comfortable with an ordinary shop bag.
Great support from Rebecca and volunteers at our Bag Packing Party – thanks so much – it was such fun!
Set up the room as a type of conveyor belt for the quick, efficient filling of 60 bags.