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What are club members doing on 5th June?

Don’t leave your rubbish on our beaches – you brought it so take it back home with you!!

This World Environment Day, it’s Time for Nature. Time to reimagine our relationship with nature; and put it at the heart of our decision making.

Surprisingly little litter on Whitley Bay beach & picnic areas but mainly because North Tyneside Council got there before me!  Despite some criticism many residents believe they do their best with the resources they have.

Can you guess what the top three items of rubbish collected were?

  1. Wipes and tissues
  2. Cigarette ends
  3. Bottle tops

What was uplifting were the many walkers etc who stopped to thank my efforts and chatting with other litter pickers – just a shame we have to do it after a wonderful sunny weekend.

Read more here about how you can help protect our beautiful beaches, coastline and our planet.