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President’s Message

President’s Message 2020-2021
I am delighted to welcome you to the Tynemouth, Whitley Bay & District Soroptimist club and to our website where you can learn more about our voluntary work, events and social activities.

This was not how I thought we would be celebrating yet another successful year for our club. Spring is here and marches forward into summer and brings colour into our lives and hopes for the future. Many are calling this the ‘new norm’ but I like to think that Soroptimists have been, are and will always be at the forefront of how we can improve the everyday lives of those we support.  We’ve always been kind; we’ve always thought of others and we will always care.

A happy club is a successful club where all feel welcome and able to speak freely, where friendships grow and flourish, with a variety of opportunities such as Regional Meetings, Conference, fun nights out and let’s not forget Jam Jar and of course our  annual Safari Supper.

We are a strong and spirited team who have achieved many goals and had several successes within our project work . These all focus on the Soroptimist aim to “Educate, Empower & Enable ” all women and young girls.

Despite these challenging times I believe we can continue to develop and grow our project work so to reach our aims and objectives. As our club membership continues to increase, our skills base, expertise & knowledge has also developed. By coming together, sharing & participating we are a much stronger club. We will continue t0 and make a difference, together.

My planned programme, with the main theme of The Environment is built upon a balance of Programme Action and opportunities to socialise and have fun.

When considering which charity to support I always came back to the theme of ‘water’ – how could I chose anything else when in the 21st Century the statistics are stark with 1 in 3 people on our planet  not having a functioning toilet and 1 in 9 without  clean water next to their home. By focusing on both local & global issues I hope the choice of ‘Toilet Twinning’  offers a variety of opportunities to all members to take action.  Our emphasis this year is Tap Twinning where the charity is teaching people about hygiene and hand washing in over 45 developing countires.

Our second charity we are hoping to support and help them get back on their feet is Second Bite – why not check them out here! .

I feel these complement our ongoing Programme Action work which also supports achieving the UN sustainable goals as it is at the heart of being a Soroptimist

I look forward to working with all club officers, current and prospective members on an exciting programme during the 74th year of SI Tynemouth, Whitley Bay & District Soroptimist club.

Over the last five years membership has increased; we are more visible in our community, we’ve won significant grants, most recently from Newcastle Building Society and  promoted our actions on local radio, so I conclude with HUGE thanks to all members; you’re AWESOME!

Our membership is strong but new members are always welcome.