Human Trafficking & Modern Day Slavery

The first Soroptomist International sticker on the back of a Croation Truck, which was forwarded to us by John Shirley Ltd, the freight forwarding agency SI Canterbury has been working with to get these stickers on as many long-haul trucks and lorries in Europe as possible.  Jane Webb, the leader of the Human Trafficking & Modern Day Slavery group in our club (SI Canterbury)

The key issue now is to lobby our MP’s to support the Modern Slavery Helpline, which is under threat of being closed on 30th November due to a lack of funding.  Dawn Ryder, one of our club members, has drafted an excellent letter which we are going to send to our local MP’s to try and stop the closure of the helpline.  Please adapt the letter as you require (e.g. with the relevant club’s or region’s name).

Draft letter regarding closure of Modern Slavery Helpline


Yvonne Freeman
Programme Action Officer – SI South East England