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Join us in protecting migrant women from abuse and domestic violence                    Vic Atkins reply July 2020 (1)

We campaign for the implementation of safe-reporting mechanisms and the end of data-sharing policies when victims approach the police

Insecure immigration status is often a tool of control used by perpetrators to abuse their partners and threat them with deportation. This situation put migrant women in a vulnerable position: they fear the abuser and also fear asking for help.

The current lack of safe-reporting mechanisms creates a barrier for migrant women to flee violence and gives greater impunity to perpetrators. Evidence shows that 92% of women with insecure status have received threats of deportation from perpetrators (Imkaan 2012).

#StepUpMigrantWomen calls for safe reporting mechanisms to separate reporting of crime and access to support services from immigration control.

ALL women have the right to a life free from violence, regardless of immigration status. 
#StepUpMigrantWomen is a campaign led by the Latin American Women’s Rights Service (LAWRS) and supported by more than 50 organisations standing together for migrant women’s rights



Open Letter: #StepUpMigrantWomen open letter open for individuals to support. Sign in!

Campaign Briefing: Campaign briefing outlining our aims and objectives