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Tell the UK Government: fix the UK’s plastic waste crisis Greenpeace Petition

Greenpeace Petition

The biggest ever investigation into household plastic waste has revealed that only 12% of our household plastic waste is actually being recycled in the UK. The other 88% of our plastic waste is: – burnt in incinerators (46%) – buried underground at landfill (25%) – dumped on other countries (17%) It’s a scandal. It’s time the government got serious about tackling the plastic crisis. The government must act now to reduce single-use plastic, ban all waste exports and the building of new incinerators and finally roll out a deposit return scheme.

Did you know that only 12% of our plastic waste is being recycled in the UK?

The other 88% of our plastic waste is burnt, buried in landfill or dumped on other countries. It’s a scandal.

I’ve just signed this petition urging the government to fix the plastic waste crisis. The more people who sign the petition, the more likely the government is to act. Can you add your name now?

Here’s the link –