Promotional leaflets

General Leaflet

The UKPAC has produced a leaflet for Clubs and Regions to download. It illustrates a selection of the types of project we work on across the UK.

If you are printing your own please ensure that you use at least 100g paper as any lighter weight tends to give a rather poor impression.

If you wish to get them printed professionally the pdf file should be acceptable to most printers. Some smaller printers may not be able to create the folds in two directions. In this case if you ask for the vertical folds to be creased onto the leaflets, it is possible for you to make the horizontal fold yourself, then use the vertical creases to fold in the second direction.


Downloadable UKPAC leaflet for clubs

















Violence Against Women leaflet

This tri-fold leaflet pulls together the work that clubs up and down the country are doing with respect to the UKPAC’s flagship project, Violence Against Women – Stop It Now! It is intended to be use to help clubs and Regions in the UK promote their work to the media. this version should be used with caution as it is rather out of date and is being revised.

VAWSIN front cover (114x200)

VAW-SIN leaflet

The entire leaflet is in stark black and white and, if you do intend printing them off yourself, we would ask that you print them on good quality 100g paper for best effect.