UKPAC Aims and Objectives

Strategic Aims

In all its work, the UKPAC will be guided by the International Mission Statement.

UKPAC General Programme Aims

  1. Annually monitor and review strategic objectives
  2. Develop projects:
    • Soroptimists working against Trafficking
    • Reducing Imprisonment for Women – (Prison Reform Trust)
    • Violence Against Women – Stop It Now the UKPAC’s flagship project, which includes the five areas: FGM; Forced Marriage/’honour’ killing; Elder Abuse; Trafficking; Domestic Violence
  3. Prepare for forthcoming Study Day
  4. Continue to maintain good communications/liaison links with Federation Programme Director, other Officers within SIGBI and representatives of partner organisations
  5. Promote long term theme Educate to Lead
  6. Through lobbying work to advance the aims and objectives of UKPAC and partners and to develop a model of good practice
  7. Recognising the importance of maintaining the Federation ECOSOC Status  UKPAC will ensure that all Regions contribute to the joint reporting of all Programme Action activities connected with VAW and which form part of the Matrix reporting to Government departments
  8. Celebrate United Nations Days
  9. UKPAC to consider whether to submit programme resolutions for Federation Conference Resolutions
  10. Submit and review any UKPAC proposals for Federation Conference Resolutions to Programme Director
  11. UKPAC through Region Chairs to support the Regions and clubs in taking forward programme resolutions agreed at the Annual Conference