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Action, Advocacy, Lobbying and Petitions

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TAKE ACTION – Sign a Petition

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Do you want to make a difference to Women and Girls around the World?  Petitions are a great way to get your views heard by Government, raising awareness about a certain issue and getting Journalists to take notice.   NOTE – Please be aware that by signing up to some petition websites you may receive emails regarding other petitions which are not of interest. Please check your subscription preferences on sign up.

Lobbying and Advocacy

Programme Action:  From time to time Soroptimists write to their MP on important issues following progress of bills in Parliament throughout the four nations.  If you’d like to contact your local MP about any issues, you can search for their details here.




Northern Ireland:

Parliamentary Workshops – how to get your voice heard on the issues that matter most to you.

The UK Parliament offers workshops and presentations.   Outreach officers will visit your location in all regions and nations of the UK.

Further information:.

Further information on UKPAC: Website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:



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