Recycling for worthy causes including Climate change action


Several clubs are collecting bottle tops to make chairs using a granulator.

You can now send your bottle tops for free via your local post office. Just pop them in the envelope with : Freepost LUSH GREENHUB ♻️♻️♻️
#lush #recycling #reuse #plasticfree

FAQ – The address you can send them to is Freepost LUSH GREENHUB. Please ensure all bottle tops are packaged well in either a cardboard box or envelope (we do believe this is UK only, we will keep you posted if this changes)

– TYPES OF BOTTLE TOPS YOU CAN SEND : small plastic bottle tops made from any plastic compound (Lush bottle caps, milk, soft drinks, sports cap drinks, fabric softener caps etc). Unfortunately, we are not able to take large, thick plastic lids (like coffee jar lids) as these do not go through the small granulator.

– If you have the ability to recycle bottle tops yourself (this is becoming much more common now), then that’s brilliant! We are just offering an option to anyone who cannot recycle these through their home recycling. We would always encourage people to recycle materials as locally as possible.


The following clubs have collected bottle tops:

Aberdeen Scotland North
Easter Ross Scotland North
Glasgow City Scotland South
Hamilton Scotland South
Kenilworth & District Midland Arden
St Albans & District London Chiltons
Bangor & District Cheshire North Wales & Wirral
Llandudno & District Cheshire North Wales & Wirral
South Caenarvanshire Cheshire North Wales & Wirral
Sevenoaks South East England




Cockermouth & District Spectacles [not bifocals]; Food for Foodbank; Ring Pulls; Toothpaste Tubes, Plastic Bottle Labels; Supermarket Vouchers; Bar Codes for any size of Yorkshire Tea and cakes, biscuits
Durham Toiletries. Towels, nightwear for Women’s Refuge; also Baby Clothes, toys and games; Items for Comfort Bag for Jarett Project; Used Postage Stamps for St Cuthbert’s Hospice; Food for local Foodbanks.
Newcastle upon Tyne Toiletries, shower gel, toothpaste etc.; warm clothing
Penrith & District Toiletries etc for Women’s Refuge; items for the Jarrett Project – socks, knickers & New Start Bags
South Shields Dried Goods for Hospitality and Hope; Fabric Sewing necessities for TWAM; Clothes for Clothes Bank [Hospitality & Hope].
Stockton-on-Tees Sugar Sachets for Asylum Seekers; Stamps, Postcards and Coins for Leprosy Mission; Ring Pulls for SI Cockermouth; New Start Bags for Jarrett Project; White Blouses/Shirts for Meserani Project; old laptops; and non-Prescription Sunglasses for Meserani Project; Non-Perishable Foodstuffs and Toiletries for Mary Thompson Fund [Asylum Seekers]; Bedding and Towels for the Women’s Refuge, plus children’s clothing.
Tynedale Stamps for Lepra; colouring books/writing books/coloured pencils for Northumberland Domestic Abuse Service’ Mid-blue woollen sweaters with v necks in reasonably large child sizes for Malawi, plus toys, small cars and dolls
Tynemouth, Whitley Bay and District Used stamps for Water Aid; Pennies for a Nepalese Charity, Toiletries for Harbour; Hats, Scarves etc for Women’s Refuge