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President’s Message

I am pleased to be elected as President of S I West Lothian for a second time.
Our club meets twice a month and our meetings include speakers, business meetings and social events. Our speakers focus on the issues which inform our programme actions and we will continue our service to local and international charities. This year our charities include ,among others, Contact the Elderly and Guide Dogs for the Blind. We also have an ongoing commitment to Smalls for All and Children of Chernobyl. In addition we have a lighthearted social programme which members enjoy throughout the year. Although our main focus is service we do a little fundraising to help support those charities requiring financial assistance.
Our club is part of a network of Clubs who are supported by a regional structure. We participate in their meetings, held quarterly. These are useful meetings as we work together on a collective agenda to meet our programme action goals.
Our membership currently stands at 17 and our members bring their own unique set of skills, education and life experience making a more varied and stimulating club. We would welcome any women who are interested to come along to meetings on an informal basis to find out more about our organisation and what we are trying to achieve.

Jeanie Thain