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Members are active in regularly writing to local MPs to urge their support for campaigns relevant to women and girls nationally and worldwide.

Being part of a massive worldwide organisation for women makes lobbying an important and effective part of our work. Current missions include:

Purple Teardrop Campaign – Stop the Trafficking, Stop the Tears

We give our wholehearted support to this commendable organisation which was started by our sister club, SI Poole, in 2008 and is now recognised internationally.

Its overall aim is to stop human trafficking in all its forms and it does this by

  • raising awareness of sex trafficking to the general public, the voluntary sector, front-line workers and faith groups through presentations and its website,
  • supporting safe houses for victims of trafficking victims
  • suppressing demand by measures such as lobbying to ban ‘sex for sale’ advertising which is used by traffickers to market the services of their victims.

At the local branch level we support the campaign by collecting pre-loved bras that are sent to Mozambique, El Salvador and Uganda to help women start a business.