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Local Action

We support local projects.


Shifa, the Project for Asian Women’s Wellbeing, does a great deal for local women – from exercise classes and walks to English courses and special events.  Woking Soroptimists are helping some of Shifa’s clients to improve their English.  The aim is to boost the confidence of women who may just have arrived in Woking or who need to improve their speaking skills.  Feeling competent and confident when speaking is all sorts of settings is key to getting on in life.

Liaise Women’s Centre

Liaise Women’s Centre is a small but very active venture. It offers a safe and supportive environment for women in Woking. They come to the Liaise Centre to network, to learn new skills and to find information.  Liaise works to improve the health of Woking residents, especially in Sheerwater and Maybury.

 How we help Liaise:

We have had good co-operative links with Liaise for several years.  During that time, Liaise has got sewing machines, craft materials and dictionaries with our help.  The outside of the centre’s premises to be painted and for improvements to the external space around the centre.

In summer 2018, we were delighted to welcome some of the Liaise women to our ‘Tea & Temptations!’ fashion show. They displayed and modelled some of the very attractive garments they make.

Elaine, Treasurer of Soroptimist International of Woking & District,  is a highly-appreciated member of the Liaise Women’s Group Management Committee.


National Childbirth Trust (NCT) Woking

The Woking branch of the National Childbirth Trust (NCT) is very active in helping young mothers in the Borough.  Woking NCT offers practical help, such as with breast-feeding, sales of nearly-new baby equipment and toys.  It also organises training courses in First Aid and child protection, and is a great source of information and advice.

In 2017, NCT Woking launched their ‘Baby Bundle’ scheme. Emergency packs of essential items for newborns and their mothers are made up and kept ready.  They are then given on request to pregnant women and new mothers who cannot provide these items themselves.  The baby bundles mean that the new mother can concentrate on feeding and looking after her baby without worrying about how to get essential items.

How we help NCT Woking:

Our book sale in November 2017 raised £120, which paid for about 7 ‘Baby Bundle’ emergency packs.  We also help to make up the baby bundles.


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