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Giving to Caring Charities

Giving to Caring Charities

All charities have seen a fall in income since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic.  So Woking Soroptimists want to help caring charities especially during this difficult time.  Since March 2020, we have donated to:

Walk the Walk – helping breast cancer victims

In November 2020, we helped local breast Cancer charity ‘ Walk the Walk’  to raise £6,000 by taking part in a virtual balloon race across the Serengeti. It was fun watching our ‘Soroptimist Woking’ balloons flying high over the Serengeti. 

Surrey Young Carers

Logo of Action for Carers Surrey - Surrey Young Carers





In May 2020, Woking Lions told us that young carers desperately needed laptops to help them with schooling at home during the Covid-19 crisis, so we made a donation.  We were delighted that the money helped two brave youngsters to keep up their schoolwork despite the extra burdens they now have.  At the time, Natallie Hoare, Fundraising Manager of Action for Carers Surrey, told us “The laptops you helped us to provide have made doing school work at home easier  – they also let them take part in some Zoom social events.”

Natallie joined our Soroptimist Action meeting in July 2020 to tell us more about Action for Carers Surrey and the laptop campaign.  40 laptops had arrived at that point.  Natallie explained that young carers  (some are as young as 5!)  don’t just have to keep up with lessons at home under lockdown. Because of the restrictions, their lives are even more difficult because they have to give extra help and care at home.  This is because outside carers can’t visit.  So young carers now have little social contact outside the home.  Having a laptop breaks the isolation.  Young carers can talk to others and join in activities, like the videoconferencing get-togethers organised by Action for Carers Surrey.

How does Action for Carers Surrey help?

Action for Carers Surrey are ‘a friendly voice at the end of the line’ .  Not only that, they also offer a wide range of support for registered unpaid adult and young carers in Surrey.  The charity believes that there are many unregistered adult and young carers in fact.  These carers can’t get the extra help that could make a big difference to their lives.

So if you know anyone in that situation, help them to get in touch with a charity like Action for Carers Surrey.

Woking Soroptimists gave £170 (made up of Club and personal donations) to Action for Carers Surrey in May, and a further £125 in July 2020.

Leonard Cheshire Disability

Logo of Leonard Cheshire Disability charity





In summer 2020, we gave £100 to Leonard Cheshire Disability in memory of our much-missed and long-serving Soroptimist Joan.  Leonard Cheshire Disability support disabled people to live, learn and work independently.


East Surrey Domestic Abuse Services (ESDAS)





In December 2020, we gave £100 to East Surrey Domestic Abuse Services in memory of our member Barbara Watts.  She was a very active Soroptimist and also suppported ESDAS for many years.  ESDA provides outreach and associated services in the borough of Reigate & Banstead and the districts of Mole Valley and Tandridge in Surrey.

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In April 2020, we also gave £600 to Your Sanctuary, the charity that supports the victims of domestic abuse in Surrey.