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Around the region: From SI Richmond and Dales -Richmond becomes a toilet twinned town

Richmond is now a ‘Toilet Twinned Town’

SI Richmond and Dales is please to report that they have completed their Toilet Twinning campaign. They have now organised 20 toilet twins across all the categories of organisations required by the Toilet Twinning charity.  They have duly confirmed that Richmond is now a ‘Toilet Twinned Town’.   Catterick, Richmond and Colburn Community Library Trust (CRACCL) has agreed to display the official certificate in Richmond Library on behalf of the club.   Jenny Cathcart, who led the project, has presented the certificate to CRACCL Trustee Judith Clark and Chair Sue Young.

This has been a long campaign which had to be put on hold during the pandemic.  SIR&DD are very pleased with this achievement, which has enabled twenty communities in Asia, Africa and Latin America to receive their first proper toilet facilities.  This is a significant contribution to health and safety in these communities.SI Ric