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‘Loves me Loves me not’

‘Loves me Loves me not’ safe relationship initiative

The ‘Loves me Loves me not’ bookmarks were initially designed to help vulnerable girls and young women assess the quality of new or developing relationships. They give practical things to think about and warning signs to look out for in the event that these individuals become the focus of the type of special attention that can lead to an abusive relationship. They also give contact details for organisations that provide support for people who find themselves in such relationships. The bookmarks are available in English but we have responded to feedback and adapted their language (Shona, Urdu, Polish) and also their format (fliers and wallet-sized and 3-fold cards) to meet the needs of individuals for whom a bookmark may be inappropriate.

We have to date distributed in excess of 65,000 bookmarks and cards, to children’s and young people services, including schools, colleges, libraries, children’s centres, Youth Support Services and Girl Guides; to asylum seekers and refugees; to prisoners and perpetrators of abuse attending anger management courses; within military and faith communities; to health and social care and third sector providers, such as GP practices, refuges, children’s charities and training organisations promoting personal safety; and to parents, grandparents, other women’s organisations and within our own membership, including Soroptimists in Zimbabwe with whom we have a very close relationship. Our intention is to continue to use the ‘Loves me Loves me not’ resources to raise awareness of what makes for safe and appropriate relationships, for example through events marking relevant UN days, Freshers’ Fairs and our annual conferences.

June 2014