World Day of Social Justice

The commitment to writing a blog provides the opportunity to read around topics which in the normal course of our lives we just take for granted. As a Soroptimist, I have learned the benefit of working with others for social development and, in particular, for the benefit of women and girls. That is, Social Justice

International Day of Women and Girls in Science

I first became aware that women were underrepresented in science-based careers back in the 1980s. My Dad worked for the Engineering Industry Training Board and I was proud of the role he played in setting up an organisation called Women into Science and Engineering (WISE).  It still works with employers to help them attract, retain

Programme Director’s February 2023 Message

I cannot believe that it is my turn to write to you all again! You should all have now received your invitation to sign in and set your own password for the HUB. Have you looked yet? I am so excited about it, and its potential to revolutionise our communication with you all. The Programme area is

Cervical Cancer Prevention Week

Cervical Cancer Prevention Week is almost upon us, and so Soroptimists everywhere are urging anyone with a cervix to take action now, to help prevent any more people succumbing to this dreadful disease. According to the NHS website, cervical cancer is a cancer that’s found anywhere in the cervix. This means that anyone with a

Human Trafficking Awareness Day

A Boom in Trafficking Imagine you are a Ukrainian refugee… Imagine you have left your home, your job and almost all your possessions – perhaps your husband, son or father have died or disappeared, perhaps all of the above. So as we think of the New Year, and our own resolutions – let’s remember Ukrainian

Membership Director’s January 2023 Message

January Membership Blog  –  Resilience Happy New Year! This month, we want to echo the words of Dr Donnell Davis, Programme Convener from the Federations of the South West Pacific about resilience and tie this into our Soroptimist new year resolutions. She writes: ‘Resilience is the art of bouncing back after an adverse situation. This

SIGBI President’s January 2023 Message

Dear Members Happy New Year, I’m sure that we all share the hope that the year ahead will bring about peace and greater understanding for everyone. Unites Nations Secretary Antonio Guterres, in his new year’s message to the world states ‘In 2023, we need peace, now more than ever. Peace with one another, through dialogue

Membership Director’s December 2022 Message

Re-ignite our Passion As we take a break in December from our club meetings, we turn our attention to other important aspects of our lives. We all have roles and responsibilities in many settings and this is the time of year that we meet, share, party and take a well earned break, unless you are

International Migrants Day

Abdul, the Afghan vegetable vendor, was a young man barely out of his teens. Seeing me as a regular customer at his stall on a street corner in East London, he smilingly befriended me and checked on my daily welfare. I reciprocated by warming up to him. His infectious boyish enthusiasm led me to indulge